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How To Check Your Catalytic Converter for Leaks

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How to check your Catalytic Converter for leaks

To maintain your catalytic converter in proper working condition, it’s important to prevent leaks. By check for leaks you’ll be able to maintain your catalytic converter for many years with a minimum effort, thus avoiding unnecessary costs. When you properly maintain and avoid leaks in your catalytic converter, it continues to work as it should and delivers the emissions reliability required by law through a long service life.

To maintain a catalytic converter, one must avoid oil, fuel, or coolant leaks. The leaks lead to fouling the catalytic converter and result in plugging, internal damage, inefficiency, and shorter life span. Your vehicle will not pass the smog check as a result.

When piston rings, valve seals, or valve guides allow oil to burn inside the engine, the oil pass through the catalytic converter, and blue smoke comes out of the tailpipes. Regular oil changes using a quality name brand oil of the correct viscosity will maintain your catalytic converter and your engine in good shape. If you fear engine wear, run a compression test or a leak-down test.

Leaky fuel injectors or high fuel pressure cause raw, unburnt fuel to escape the combustion chamber, flow downstream, and ignite upon contact with the converter. Black soot results and clogs your catalytic converter. By inspecting your fuel injectors and your fuel pressure regularly, you’ll avoid this issue and maintain your catalytic converter in its best condition while lengthening its useful life.

Sometimes a blown head gasket, a blown intake-manifold gasket, or a cracked head, create an antifreeze leak into the combustion chambers. The antifreeze will exit through the exhaust manifold, travel downstream, and coat the surface of the substrate. The catalytic converter will no longer be able to efficiently scrub the exhaust. The main symptoms are coolant in the oil, a milkshake-like texture, or white smoke from the tailpipe. Proper engine maintenance will help avoid these leaks.  

Ready To Replace Your Catalytic Converter?

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