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How To Avoid Overheating Your Catalytic Converter

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How to avoid overheating your Catalytic Converter

To maintain your catalytic converter in proper working condition, it’s important to avoid any overheating. You’ll then be able to maintain your catalytic converter for many years with a minimum effort, thus avoiding unnecessary costs. When you properly maintain and avoid overheating your catalytic converter, it continues to work as it should and delivers the emissions reliability required by law through a long service life.

To maintain a catalytic converter, one must first avoid overheating the vehicle’s engine. Not only would overheating shorten the engine lifespan, but it would also induce misfires and detonation, which can melt the ceramic substrate inside the converter and cause its matting to fail.

If your vehicle’s engine runs a lot hotter than others like it, it experiences a cooling issue that needs fixing. If you ignore it, your catalytic converter—as well as your head gaskets or engine—will fail.

Exhaust leak upstream in the pipes cause external unmeasured air to enter the exhaust stream, which then dilutes the air/fuel ratio. The additional oxygen causes higher-than-normal temperatures within the catalytic converter. Also, a faulty EGR valve causes higher than normal exhaust temperatures will result in burning the catalytic converter. To best maintain your catalytic converter, correct your exhaust leaks and check your EGR valve for proper operation.

Sometimes, silicone or Teflon used to seal exhaust manifolds, headers, or O2 sensor threads will burn when exposed to high temperatures. They produce outgassing, the process by which a gas that coats the surface of the O2 sensor causes incorrect oxygen reading, believing the mixture is leaner than it is. The vehicle’s ECU, in turn, will adjust tuning resulting in an overly rich condition that will raise the catalytic converter temperatures. No silicone or Teflon product should ever be used on the exhaust side of the engine. By avoiding this you’ll maintain the catalytic converter in proper condition through its operating life.

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