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What is a direct fit catalytic converter?

Direct fit catalytic converters, as exhaust manifolds, are designed by the manufacturers to bolt onto the vehicle directly, enabling a fitment that does not require any additional adjustments to the exhaust system or to the mount space.

As direct fit catalytic converters are specifically designed to fit, they cover less make and model applications, and as such are generally less cost-effective than universal catalytic converters.

Direct fit catalytic converters are designed and manufactured along the design, constraints and features specific to the vehicle in which they are to be installed. Direct fit catalytic converters are available with the necessary hardware and accessories needed to enable such direct fit. These include flanges, pipe extensions and brackets.

Why should I prefer direct fit?

DIYers who understand the nature of catalytic converter replacement usually prefer direct-fit converters as they want to complete the job with generic tools, and not the tools that only shops would be equipped with. They will prefer getting a direct fit catalytic converter as a one-to-one replacement for a factory-fitted or OEM-styled exhaust system.

In any case, for both a universal fit or direct fit converter, follow the compliance standards specific to your state. Also, when replacing the catalytic converter, take the opportunity to check the oxygen sensors of your vehicle. And if they happen to be defective, replace them.

Ready To Replace Your Catalytic Converter?

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